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Graham Guhl - OKC Criminal Defense Attorney and Counselor
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Are you looking for an excellent defense attorney in your computer crimes case? Learn more below about computer crimes, and then contact our Oklahoma City Computer Crimes Attorneys for excellent legal representation in your computer crimes case.

It is a crime to access or use a computer without authorization willfully. Computer crimes can range in severity from misdemeanors such as only accessing a computer you have no permission to access to felonies, which include:

  • schemes to defraud, alter, damage or destroy hardware and software
  • stealing passwords
  • gaining access to computer systems and networks
  • abusing, annoying, threatening or harassing another person
  • putting another person in physical harm or danger

In addition to a criminal lawsuit, you or your loved one may also be facing a civil lawsuit, which the victim may bring about against anyone convicted of a violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

Penalties from the criminal lawsuit range from fines of up to $5,000 and up to 30 days in a county jail for a misdemeanor and up to a $100,000 fine and 10 years in a State Penitentiary for a felony.

If you or your loved one is facing charges related to computer crimes in Oklahoma, our offices at Chavers & Guhl LLP in Oklahoma City are here to defend you against these charges. Contact our computer crimes attorneys today and find out how you can best fight to prevent a loss of life as you know it.

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